Data Analytics for UI /UX

Marketing Optimization

In today’s ever-changing marketing landscape, marketers need strategies focused on iterative, data-driven improvement. We utilize One North to develop KPIs, unify campaigns and tactics, and combine cutting-edge optimization tools like personalization, laser-focused ABM targeting, search engine optimization (SEO), and split testing together with our clients.
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BI and Reporting

There is more information now than ever before, but for many people, it remains as inaccessible as ever. By streamlining data connections and architecture, and creating dashboards and reporting systems that can communicate with any stakeholder in the company, our team of technologists and business analysts helps bring reporting to…
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Data Strategy

KPI and measurement strategy, reporting design, and analysis are some of the ways we aid marketers in making sense of their data. Our team will work with you to create a plan for using cutting-edge methods that make the most of your data. Consider such concepts as individualization, split-testing, and…
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User Research

Research forms the basis of our design process. New ideas are generated, the relevant challenges are being solved, the usability of the solution is assessed, and insights into market segmentation and emerging trends are provided as we work with you to investigate potential avenues of expansion.
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