Industries we serve

IT Consulting Services

T-STONE TECH provides end- to- end IT solutions for businesses to reach their potential through digital platforms and emerging technologies

  • IT Consulting
  • IT Solutions
  • IT Services
  • IT Support

Professional Services

Manufacturing firms use Sygven Solutions to evolve with new technologies, products and strategies.

  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Warehousing
  • Web Based Monitoring
  • Portfolio Management
  • Systems Mobility Solutions


T-Stone Tech brings secure banking solutions with digital technology to the banking sector.

  • Credit Card Management Systems
  • Payment Gateway Technology Solutions
  • Cash Management Applications
  • Loan Syndication and Servicing Consumer
  • Lending Solutions
  • Collection Management Frameworks

Financial Services

T-Stone Technologies provides software solutions for Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Exchanges and Securites.

  • Full Investment Lifecycle support for unique customer needs
  • Application Maintenance for investment banking and asset management
  • Enhanced Portfolio Management
  • Financial Valuation Models
  • Automation for stock selection
  • Quantitative Index and Financial Forecasting Solutions

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

We incorporate Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, predictive analytics and digitalization for Healthcare providers and Pharmaceutical Corporations.

  • Population Health Management
  • Member Experience Analytics
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Centralized Data Monitoring
  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Solutions


Retail companies use our technology services to improve their scope of product solutions.

  • Application Maintenance and Support
  • Enterprise Performance Analytics
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Human Capital Management
  • Enterprise Asset Mangement
  • Digital Customer Acquisition

Energy & Utilities

Energy and Utilities Sygven helps energy and utilities sectors overcome operational challenges so they can focus on environmental challenges.

  • Health and Safety Solutions
  • Grid Data Processing and Analysis
  • Sales Planning for Residential Customers
  • Simplifying Billing and Communication
  • Utility Integration for Mobile Platforms
  • Managing volume and variety of customer data


Manufacturing firms use Sygven Solutions to evolve with new technologies, products and strategies.
  • Digital System Integration
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Rich Mobility
  • Experience Supply
  • Chain Management
  • After Market Services

Telecom, Media & Technology

T-Stone Tech provides application development and end to end solutions for various Telecom and Media companies.

  • Solutions for Billing and Production Support
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Digital System Integration
  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Customer Experience Analytics

Travel & Transportation

We help travel and transportation companies keep track of logistics with our technology solutions.

  • Fleet Management
  • Equipment Scheduling and Optimization
  • Pricing and Rate Management
  • Customer Data Management
  • Track and Trace
  • Maintenance and Repair Schedules


Leading Insurance companies have chosen us to implement solutions to help them work efficiently.

  • Real-Time Customer Insights
  • Billing and Payments
  • Claim Lifecycle
  • Product and Policy Lifecycle
  • Reinsurance Lifecycle
  • Invoice Management