Cyber Security

Cloud workflow protection

It’s important to remember that fraudsters may target the cloud services you use and the information stored there. There are a lot of ways hackers can get in, but the most prevalent ones are brute-force attacks and typos in configuration settings. Protect yourself and your data from ransomware, data breaches,…
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Data protection for a mobile workforce

Employees use both company-issued and their own devices to get at company data from anywhere, including their homes, other offices, and even in public places. If you’re not careful, this pattern could expose holes in your network’s defenses. We will assist you with acquiring security products, such as endpoint protection,…
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Data Security Solutions

Theft of sensitive information typically occurs via the transfer of data using disks or even emails. Such an issue has plagued state-run institutions before. In light of this concept, businesses have begun encrypting files containing sensitive information.
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